ACF Corner Forming Machine

In keeping with the company’s commitment to continuous improvement, MFB has introduced new manufacturing technologies to enhance the MFB product range. The ACF corner forming machine has the ability to form the metal into a desired shape with a defined radius. It is ideal for our Industrial style enclosure side panels and doors. The ends of the panel are left flared or open after folding, they are bought up to the machine drum, which engages on the metalwork and under pressure, draws the corner into the required shape. This process is quick, seam free and eliminates the need for welding. To the end user, it is unlikely you will notice any difference. But to us, it is a dramatic step forward  from the traditional methods associated with metal fabricating and creating corner folds. Suitable for mild steel, stainless steel and aluminium enclosures, this new process will enhance the look of the enclosure, and provide the high quality finish which customers demand.