Sonderhoff – Form In Place Foam Gasket – FIPFG machine

MFB, as the Australian market leader of data enclosures quite rightly looks to the big European manufacturers for inspiration and ideas. It is considered that Europe is the centre for innovation technology in relation to metal fabrication.

MFB have proudly added a new FIPFG (Form in Place Foam Gasket) machine to our line-up , which is revolutionary in the way in which we seal our Industrial style IP rated cabinets.

Using NC controlled precision, programs are developed with recipes for gasket. Doors and side panels are delivered a continuous gasket which is a foam PU compound. Once deposited, the gasket expands and sets. The result is a perfect gasket, every time. The process is quick, accurate and cost effective.

This machine is also set up for gluing. So all glass and acrylic panels are sealed into place, with a continuous bead that provides a neat, clean and durable finish.

Sonderhoff FIPFG 01

The multi functioning head provides extremely accurate applications to meet MFB highest quality standards.


Sonderhoff FIPFG 02

Applying continuous IP rated gasket system.


Sonderhoff FIPFG 03

Gaskets can be adjusted in size to suit any application.


Sonderhoff FIPFG 06

The multi functioning head can also apply hi strength glue for multiple applications including glass door assembly.