S50 iPad Mobile Charging Station

MFB is proud to release its’ range of mobile iPad and tablet charging station.

The iPad Mobile Station is designed for not only education environments, but also commercial businesses that organize large numbers of iPads and/or tablet style devices which require support tools necessary for effective business practice. They provide a practical, functional storage solution.

With a choice of 4 different drawer styles, the flexibility to configure the station to your exact needs is as easy as selecting which drawer or combinations of drawers will best suit your needs.

Manufactured in Australia from galvaneal steel, the units are made of fabricated parts: powder coated and assembled using concealed hemlock rivets to create a strong durable product ready to take on the demands of continuous use.

This series has been designed taking into consideration ergonomics and aesthetics. It becomes a stylish piece of additional school room or office furniture.


  • A choice of 4 drawer configurations are available:-
  • Provision is made to accommodate associated power supply and leads including 1 x 10amp horizontal power rail.
  • Doors feature two point locking for complete security.
  • Safe breakaway mains connection and cable storage.
  • Castors with easy to use brakes.
  • Stylish recessed handled on both sides.
  • Working area on top with bulk head panel at rear providing connection to power and the Sync & Charge devices via USB (when fitted)


  • Sync & charge 10 iPad devices stored vertically in protective cassettes at once, in each drawer.
  • iPad or Tablet charge drawer for up to 10 devices.
  • iPad or Tablet storage for up to 10 devices.
  • A plain drawer for storage of cables, manuals etc.
  • Units are finished in powder coat. A customer choice of colours is available including corporate colours if required.
  • Alternative keying systems can be arranged on request.
Available Sizes

Height: 1150 (mm)
Depth: 600 (mm)
Width: 800 (mm)