NC (Noise Control) Cabinet

Reduce the noise and make for a more comfortable working environment.

This application is ideal in office environments with people working in close proximity to cabinets populated with servers, fans and UPS. The MFB NCC will reduce the noise and make for a more comfortable working environment.

This cabinet is not designed to be a sound proof booth.

It also is designed to remove excess heat generated by IT equipment within the cabinet. The dissipation of heat via fans also increases the level of sound within the cabinet, which needs to be managed.

Fan panels fitted to the ‘sound attenuated’ cabinet will be controlled via thermostats and speed controllers. This will allow the user to set the start temperature and speed of the fan panels, which also helps manage the noise level of the fan panels.


Air Management

  • 3-fan panel for Air Management, air flow is rated at 200CFM
  • The air flow pathway is controlled eg. all air enters via the rear intake at floor level and all air exits via the fan box at the upper rear of the cabinet.

  • The rear panel is fixed, as all cables enter the cabinet via the foam cable portal at rear of the cabinet.
  • The sides are removable.

Sound Attenuation

  • All panels, door etc close against a foam seal to reduce noise leakage.
  • The air intake manifold & fan box are also lined with foam & baffles to reduce sound leakage from with the cabinet.
  • Average sound attenuation of 20dB across the audible sound spectrum.
  • Equipment fans create most noise primarily within the 800 – 8kHz range. This is the range where the ‘sound attenuated’ cabinet performs best eg up to 30dB sound attenuation within that range.
Available Sizes

Height x Width x Depth:

27RU x 800mm x 800mm
27RU x 800mm x 1000mm
42RU x 800mm x 800mm
42RU x 800mm x 1000mm