MFB Products has partnered with Seifert Systems to offer its range of Thermal management products. Including indoor and outdoor enclosure cooling systems, Peltier thermoelectric coolers, heat exchangers, fans, heaters and thermal controls.

The entire Seifert industrial product line is cURus, CE and RoHS approved.

Cabinet applications

The S280 Industrial range of cabinets are designed to accommodate the full range of Seifert air conditioners. Mounting options include, side, top and door mount. When Seifert air conditioners are ordered with MFB cabinets, mounting apertures are considered during the manufacturing phase – ensuring precision fitting. The Seifert range is designed for indoor and outdoor applications. They are rated from IP54 to IP56, The Peltier Thermoelectric Coolers are rated at IP66. Seifert air conditioners are available in Mild Steel powder coat RAL7035 and Stainless Steel (304 and 316)


The easiest way of installing a cooling unit.

The innovative one man mounting systems from Seifert allows a screw less installation with no need of additional fixing material.

Depending on the size of the unit the mounting time can be reduced to less than 2 minutes. Simplified cutouts without the need of drilling holes into the enclosure add to the ease the mounting even further.

Available in a mild steel finished in RAL7035 – or stainless steel – all models have an integrated condenser evaporation system, an electronic controller with colour display, a temperature range from -40°C to +60°C and an ingress protection class of IP 56. They also comply with NEMA type 3, 3R, 12, 4 and 4X.

SlimLine Pro cooling units are suitable for indoor and outdoor use, with cooling capacities from 300 W to 6 kW they cover a big range of applications.


Filter less cabinet cooling

The optimized wide-ribbed aluminium condenser provides improved cooling performance and ensures reliability in industrial operations. High quality components form the basis for the smooth running and long working life of the SlimLine air conditioners.

Roof mount and 19” internal rack mount units is also available.

The units can be externally or internally mounted and are only 110mm deep and therefore currently the slimmest air conditioners on the market. As only small apertures need to be cut for mounting, the cabinet doors remain stable.

All SlimLine indoor air conditioners meet the latest European standards and are cURus certified.


Streamlined design – quicker manufacturing time

Standardizing components, versions and sizes across the range, diminishing the need for large spare parts holdings.

Ensure proper installation. Use the installation kit provided including the self adhesive gasket.

Ensure the enclosure is sealed to a minimum IP56. This level of ingress protection will ensure the a/c unit runs at optimum performance, the compressor is working correctly and the condensation is at a minimum.

Mild Steel finish RAL choice of colours, RAL7035 as standard. IP56. Up to Nema4x Stainless Steel available – 304 and 316

Electric Condensate Evaporator available for 2kW units and up.

Electronic controller display on the enclosure side of unit. The display indicates temperature and operating status and can be easily set and adjusted by the user via user interface

Filters are available for excessively dusty dirty, greasy environments.


Efficient cooling with Peltier technology.

The thermoelectric elements create a temperature difference between the internal and ambient heat sinks, making internal air cooler while dissipating heat into the external environment. Fans help the transfer of convective heat from the heat sinks, which are optimized for maximum flow. These air conditioners come in powder-coated sheet steel or stainless steel housings according to customer’s requirements. They can be mounted in any position because these units don’t have a compressor and no moving parts. Depending on the mounting situation the condensation management may need to be considered and possibly adjusted.

Seifert Peltier air conditioners are resistant to extreme ambient conditions and can operate effectively even in environments which are dusty and oily and where temperatures may vary from -20°C to +65°C. They comply with European standards IEC/TC 62610-1 and IEC/TC 62610-3, and can be used for both indoor and outdoor applications. The ingress protection rating is IP 66.  Seifert offer most of their Peltier units with AC or DC voltage.