The Sentinel Power Boards provide reliable power distribution combined with local and remote power management with environmental monitoring via IP.

Available with either Australian, IEC C13, IEC C19, IEC C13 Locking and IEC C19 locking, these power boards have the ability to view power, temperature and humidity levels via a web browser or receive SNMP based alarms when conditions exceed defined thresholds. User defined outlet control access can be managed by the administrator with the ability to reboot attached appliances in a controlled timed sequence.

The modular format on all outlet types in blocks of 8 to 16 outlets per module allows for standard & high density configurations. Single phase inputs and three phase inputs are available.

Information on total amp draw, humidity and temperature are also displayed directly on the power board, together with warning displays for an out of threshold situation.

10 amp IEC outlets tested & approved – IEC60320

A modular construction guarantees a perfectly customizable solution including standard and high density configurations that best suit your needs

The circuit breaker is of UL489 standards. It has been designed for worldwide data centre compatibility.