The Co-Location Cabinet are designed with separate compartments. Each compartment is secured from the others by using heavy duty vented divider shelves.

Frames can be divided into 2, 3 or 4 equal sections. Glazed metal doors are available in plain and vented versions. Security key combinations can be used including BiLocks and master key systems.

Each compartment is completely isolated and can function independently. All mounting angles are fully adjustable within each section. All horizontal divider panels are vented to assist with airflow and for compartment security the side panels can be supplied lockable.

Frames are available in a single bay, or double bay with a central cable ducting zone and make them suitable application for data centres.


Frame Heavy duty, hemlocked
Rack Mounting Angles Adjustable front and rear (4 per zone)
Compartments Secured
Cable entry provided
Available in 1 (45RU), 2 (21RU), 3 (14RU) and 4 (10RU) compartment configurations
Venting Divider shelves
Top panel
Under floor
Central Cable Zone 200mm wide lockable (on double width configurations)
Certification Conforms to IEC 60297 – 19” Racking


Frame 180º swing, lift off hinges, LH or RH swing
Single – Metal or Glass / Vented or Plain
Double – Metal / Vented or Plain
Security BiLocks
Master Key System
Multipoint Locking
Swing Handles
High Security Locks
Door Switches
Side Panels Snap-on with option for key locking
Roof Fan Trays 2, 4 and 6 fan versions with optional thermostat and speed controller
Roof Cabling Cable ducts (adjustable in height)
RU Markers Printed on mounting angles front & rear
Mobility Castors with brake option (adds 30mm to height)
Levelling Levelling feet (adjustable)
Stabilizing Retractable feet at front
Lifting Lifting eye bolts (400kg rating)
Cable Glands Brushed
Baying Bayable in rows


Frame 34002-44 Sable Black
(Other colours available upon request)
Panels All components have a zinc phosphate pre-treatment prior to powder coating.
34002-44 Sable Black
34002-60 Monument
34002-61 Deep Ocean
34002-62 Dune
34002-63 Paperbark
34002-64 White