A Cold Aisle Containment System is the most efficient cost effective method of heat removal from cabinets operating in a data room. The system is designed for the S2005 range of data cabinets and is a modular system which builds a room around 2 rows of cabinets.


Easy Installation Interlocking roof panels and end row door kits
Efficiency Air seals on all tops and End Doors
Ambient Lighting Clear windows on aisle top panels and end doors
Modular Increase or decrease rows with ease
End Doors Fitted with auto-close as standard


Frame 34002-44 Sable Black
(Other colours available upon request)
Panels All components have a zinc phosphate pre-treatment prior to powder coating.
34002-44 Sable Black
34002-60 Monument
34002-61 Deep Ocean
34002-62 Dune
34002-63 Paperbark
34002-64 White

MFB has a lot of experience in developing Cold Aisle systems to suit other manufacturers cabinets. Talk to the Sales team about creating your custom solution.

Using this modular system significantly increases the efficiency of the under floor cooling provided within the Data Centre. The cool air can now flow into the Containment area where it is drawn through the equipment and expelled out the rear, now the air is more effectively utilised. In some cases a reduction in the cooling energy within the data centre can be achieved.

The system is made up of roof panels, and sliding doors which are fitted to each end, creating an energy efficient temperature controlled room within a data centre environment. It is designed to maintain efficient temperature control at the front of the cabinets, where the equipment needs it. The Containment System comes with modular roof panels which are glazed with clear acrylic. The roof allows the existing building lighting to be utilized without the need for additional lights.

Provisions for fire monitoring and suppression systems can be included within the roof panels.

The ends of the Containment System are fitted with sliding doors which are also glazed in clear acrylic. The system can be configured to any number of cabinets which face each other. To maintain an efficient use of the cool air, all gaps around the equipment must be closed, this means the air has no option but to go through the equipment. Additional components are available for the Cabinets like infill panels and blanking panels.

The modular design means expansion to the containment area can be achieved by adding more roof panels when new racks are installed.