MFB Products’ design and manufacture an extensive range of purpose built consoles for a large range of applications. From air traffic control, to security, military, process control and road traffic applications.

MFB can create the perfect solution for your needs.


Soft Touch Surface Incorporated where required
Work Surface Laminated / Corian
Height Adjustable
Storage Clever storage features
Colour Custom selections
Desktop Surface Large range
Modular Multiple arrangements
Cabling Clever hidden solutions
Support Structure Tough & durable
Monitor Mounting Monitor arms or
>In-desk mounts available
Lighting Task lights & low lights available
Phone Mounts available
19″ Rack Mount Facilities available
Ventilation & Cooling Available
Acoustics Sealed compartments
Keyboard Drawers Fitted into desk
Headphone Jack Panels Concealed in desk

When designing consoles a strong emphasis is always placed on the customer’s considerations and needs, and how MFB can incorporate those whilst using the strength, knowledge and experience of the in-house design and manufacturing teams.

The designs MFB can produce are as vast as the market it works within. Incorporating its community of experienced and knowledgeable partners, MFB takes the ideas of customers and turns them into workable solutions.

During the design phase, the teams work in collaboration with customer’s to understand and create a solution that totally meets their needs, whilst at the same time taking into account all the required standards for ergonomics’ and safety.

Once approved MFB move into the manufacturing phase with all production undertaken in Australia. Your solution will be monitored and processed through the audited ISO9001:2015 quality systems at MFB to ensure suitability and correctness of all components.

MFB also monitor all sub-contracated components ensuring they are of the highest standards prior to installation. The solution comes together during final assembly and factory testing. Once approved by the customer MFB undertake the distribution logistics to site.

MFB have drawn on its teams experience and over 50* years of know-how to become a leader in the manufacture of console systems.

Please talk to MFB about your console requirements and experience the difference in dealing with a professional Australian manufacture.

Proposed console designs