Australia’s largest PDU manufacturer introduces Intelligent Power®, adding the most extensive range of rack power options available today. Delivering greater flexibility, engineering excellence and local manufacturing.

MFB Intelligent Power PDU’s come in a variety of styles from Basic, Locally Metered, Networked Metered and Monitored and Networked, Metered, Monitored and individually Switched. Switched units allow for turning powered devices on or off, as well power cycling devices for greater energy efficiency. Controlling the power outlet of the device connected in the Server Rack by visiting the dedicated web browser page.

1. Colour Screen Display

Full power information and environmental sensor status on the Intelligent Power can be viewed by the LCD screen. In the case of exceeding user set current load or environmental thresholds, Intelligent Power can notify the incident via email or SNMP traps.

2. Network and Serial Ports

Providing full control and status of all PDU functions.

3. Optional Sensors

Combined temperature and humidity sensor. Dual digital dry contact alarm outputs.

4. Outlet Types

10 amp & 15 amp Australian GPO’s

C13 & C19 IEC outlets

C13 & C19 lockable IEC outlets

C14 & C20 IEC plugs

IEC C13 Dual Black, Gray Outlets
Also available in Dual white

5. Standard and High Density Outlet Blocks

Modular format on all outlet types in blocks of 8 to 16 outlets per module allowing for standard & high density configurations. With varying outlet types. The maximum number of outlets on Intelligent Power is 48

6. Magnetic / Hydraulic circuit breakers

Designed for worldwide data centre compatibility, provides the best in class performance in an innovative low profile, space saving package, providing the ability to reduce the overall size of the PDU, while increasing transmission capacity. Patent pending flush rocker actuator design offers additional protection against accidental switching.

7. Leads & Plug Tops

Lead length is 3.0M as standard. Plugs Tops from 10-32A, plain, captive. IEC and Clipsal style



MFB Intelligent Power PDU’s are available in a 19” Rack Mountable horizontal format. In this format they are 484mm Width (440mm without RU mounting ears) x 200mm depth x 44mm height


MFB Intelligent Power PDU’s are available in a vertical format. A variety size variations up to 2 meters


Extrusion widths of 45mmm 56mm and 66mm depending on outlet and monitoring combination required. utilizing combinations of AUS, IEC C13 and IEC C19 outlets. IEC C20 Input Plugs

Max Outlets

Maximum number of outlets is 48

Wiring Configurations

10A 16A 20A 32A wiring configurations in single phase and 3 phase.

Power Lead Options

3 meter lead as standard with your choice of plug to suit, such as 3 pin standard, 3 pin screw lock, to 5 pin screw lock complete the product.

4 Versions of Power Distribution Units (PDU)


This is the basic form of PDU. There is no feedback in relation to performance available

Locally Metered

A small LCD Display fitted and when the PDU is powered up provides immediate limited power performance  such as kWh – Energy,  kW – Power, A – Current  and V – Volts

Networked Metered and Monitored

This unit is IP Managed. This allows for remote access and monitoring of equipment. There is a meter provided on the PDU which also provides local feedback. A thermostat probe is also fitted and placed inside the enclosure. The meter provides feedback in relation to temperature and humidity properties within the enclosure.

Network Metered, Monitored and Individually Switched

This system is IP Managed and allows remote monitoring of equipment. There is a meter provided on the PDU which also provides local feedback. A thermostat probe is also fitted and placed inside the enclosure. The meter provides feedback in relation to temperature and humidity properties within the enclosure. Via web browser access, operators can monitor rack mounted equipment performance to turn equipment on and off. Likewise, the facility to fault diagnose and send an email in the event a piece of equipment has failed.


Standard 10A

Screw Lock 10A

Screw Lock 32A – 3 Pin

Screw Lock 32A – 5 Pin

IEC 10A – 3 pin

IEC 16A – 3 pin

At a glance

  • Retrofit
  • 1 to 48 outlets
  • 2kW to 24kW power ranges
  • SNMP enabled for obtaining all device details including traps for alarms
  • kWh, kW, Amperage, Voltage and PF monitoring
  • Single phase inputs available in 10, 16, 20 and 32amp
  • Three phase inputs available in 16 and 32amps
  • Up to 24 web controlled power outlets
  • Australian Designed and Manufactured
  • MFB Products – Australia’s largest PDU manufacturer.



Login Information

IP Address: = Default fixed IP
Username: admin
Password: admin

Ensure the MFB Switched / Metered Intelligent Power PDU is connected to a computer via a suitable network cable.

Via the web browser

Software Instructions

Download V3 Series Smart PDU

Network Controller


  • Scroll UP Button
  • Scroll Down Button
  • Set Button
  • Network Connection Port
  • Serial Port RS 485 x2 – for network bypass.
    If network down.
  • On / OFF Light (Green for On)
  • Speaker – Audible Alarm
  • Digital Input – Dry Contact
  • Temp / Humidity Sensor

Locally Metered Controller


  • Voltage (V)
  • Power (W)
  • Current (A)
  • Energy (Wh)



Horizontal 1RU 44mm c/w 19″ mounting brackets
Vertical Extensive Range to suit up to 45RU Data Enclosures

PDU Types

Basic No meter, no feedback. Circuit Breaker only
Locally Metered Extensive Range to suit up to 45RU Data Enclosures
Network Metered Digital Display. Full IP Network Functionality
Monitored Temp / Humidity Sensor
Networked, Metered, Monitored and Switched Digital Display Full IP Network Functionality
Individually Metered and Switched
Remote Access and Control

Power Feedback

kWh Energy
kW Instant reading
V Volts
A Current / Amps
Frequency 50Hz standard
PF Power Factor (Efficiency)
W Power

Power Supply

120V, 240V, 415V single phase and 415V 3 phase AC – all compatible
Single Phase 240V 10A 15A 20A 32A
3 Phase 415V 32A
All boards minimum rating 32A
Max number of outlets 48


Aus Outlet 10A
Aus Outlet 15A
IEC C13 10A 15A Locking
IEC C19 10A 15A Locking


  • Australian Standard 10A
  • Australian Captive 56P310 10A
  • Australian Standard 15A
  • Australian  Captive 56P315 15A
  • IEC C14 10A
  • IEC C20 16A
  • IEC 16A 60309
  • 20A Captive Flat 3 Pin 56P320F
  • 20A Captive 3 Pin 56P320
  • 32A Captive 3 Pin 56P332
  • 32A Captive 3 Pin Angled 56P332A
  • 32A IEC 3 Pin 60309
  • 32A Captive 3 Phase 5 Pin 56P532
  • 32A IEC 3 Phase 5 Pin 60309

Circuit Breakers

10A Carlingtech Magnetic Hydraulic
16A Carlingtech Magnetic Hydraulic
20A Carlingtech Magnetic Hydraulic
32A Carlingtech – single phase Magnetic Hydraulic
32A Carlingtech – three phase Magnetic Hydraulic
10A Thermal
16A Thermal


  • MFB Standard Passive Profile
  • 45mm width – Vertical
  • 56mm width – Vertical
  • 66mm width – Vertical


Standard Length is 3M 10A 15A 20A 32A
Lead as standard fitted at bottom of PDU


  • AS/NZS 3100:2022 (General Requirements for Electrical Equipment)
  • AS/NZS 3000:2018 (Electrical Installations – Wiring Rules)
  • Designed to be installed in 19”Server / Data Racks