Outdoor Housings provide primary protection to inner industrial style cabinets from direct solar heat, dust, driving rain, vandals and vermin.

Installed in exposed or remote areas, the housing is fitted with hinged, pad lockable doors and/or fixed panels. The frame is fully welded tube with a galvanised finish. The housing panels can be galvanised zinc seal steel, with a powder coat finish, or stainless steel 316. Whilst the frame is totally secure, airflow is unrestricted between the housing and the inner Industrials ensuring heat transfer is minimised. Provision also for fitting air conditioning units to the inner industrial cabinets to keep internal electronics cool.


Flexible Design Allows for 1, 2 or 3
industrial cabinets, with or without air-conditioners
Lifting Provisions Lifting Eyes on top
Fork lift provisions below
Bolt Down Provisions On all feet pads
Security Hinged high security doors front and rear, secured from the inside – no external fixings.
Fitted with door stays, multi-point locking & lift & swing handles.
Single door front and rear for one cabinet installations Two doors front and rear for dual cabinet installations
Doors Hung on concealed hinges which have stainless steel pivots mounted on nylon bushes
Lockability Pad Lock or Key provisions on all external handles
Venting Full length roof vent to assist in minimising heat build-up
Frame Construction Fully Welded


Accommodates Smaller Industrial Cabinets Raised floor design for smaller industrial cabinets below 27RU with optional lift up panels
Knock Down Configurations For the Housing and Industrial Cabinets are available upon request
Materials Housing panels and Industrial Cabinets are also available in 316 grade Stainless Steel and Marine Graded Aluminium
Fixed End Panels When Air Conditioners are not required
Custom Sizes Available
Finish Anti-graffiti available
Cooling Air Conditioner fitted to internal industrial cabinets
Battery Housing Enclosure A specialised design created to house customers batteries and equipment.


Material Heavy gauge square steel tube
Finish Hot Dip Galvanised
Housing Panels 1.6mm Galvaneal steel finished in powder coat or stainless steel

The MFB sales team will work with you to determine the most suitable construction and package for each project, custom designs and special requirements will also be included as required.


Outdoor Housing showing internal typical Industrial Enclosure detail.

Battery Housings – Galvanised Fabricated floor. Hemlocked powder coated panels. Doors yet to be installed.

Stainless Steel Outdoor Shelter assembly process.

Stainless Steel Outdoor Shelter with cladding panels fitted.