S2005B Custom Enclosure

At MFB, as a designer and manufacturer, providing customised solutions with our enclosure product range is a real strength that sets us apart from most cabinet suppliers.

It is fantastic when a customer comes along and orders 100+ of our standard cabinets, but quite often we get asked to supply cabinets featuring unique custom requirements. Here is a great example.

Our customer requested the standard S2005B frame, 18RU 600W x 600D. The “B” component, is fixed mounting angles front and rear. There is no adjustment in the mounting angles which in this case suited the application. A vented glass door on the front provides a degree of security and a visual acknowledgement of equipment status. The door however is reduced exposing access to the horizontal power board in the bottom of the frame and at the top, a telescopic shelf with a keyboard pivot plate is fitted. A full-height vented metal door at the rear completes the product.

Importantly the customers’ requirements in this application are unique, they have defined exactly where they want accessories to go including shelves fitted, and we are happy to oblige in configuring the assembly to suit.

The finished product is a great example of a quality, Australian made custom enclosure.

Consider also, if you have 3rd party equipment to be installed, we would be more than happy to fit out during the assembly stage. Please contact MFB to discuss.