Cold Aisle Containment

Cold Aisle containment is a cost-effective method of heat removal from cabinets in a data room. The MFB system is designed around the flagship S2005 Data Cabinet. It is a modular system that builds a room around two rows of cabinets.

The containment principle captures the underfloor cooling provided in a datacentre. The cool air can flow into the containment area where it is drawn through the equipment and expel to the atmosphere at the rear. The system is made up of acrylic roof panels and sliding doors fitted either end of the data racks, creating an energy-efficient temperature-controlled room within a datacentre environment.

The system is modular and can be adapted for most datacentres including provision for infill panels around pillars and overhead cable trays, plumbing etc.

The photos are of a recent installation undertaken by MFB. This is a good example of the simplicity of the installation when combined with MFB Cabinets for a complete solution that was installed for a new site.

If you have a mix of other cabinets in an existing datacentre, MFB would be happy to consult and design a Cold Aisle to suit. Our design centre operates Autodesk modelling software, so the accuracy of the design is maintained.

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