MFB and Seifert are Keeping your Enclosures Coooool

MFB proudly partners with Seifert Systems who supply its wide range of Air Conditioners for our enclosures. Within our customers’ enclosures there is quite often a demand for their equipment to keep cool.

For indoor enclosures look no further than the KG slimline units (See below) which offer cooling capacities ranging from 320 W up to 1.5KW.

For outdoor applications Seifert offer their comprehensive OC (Outdoor range) which offer a protection class of IP56 ranging from 300 W –6.2kW. Below is an outdoor application in which the customer can trust that they have a strong sealed enclosure with efficient air conditioning to keep their equipment cool. Both the KG and OC range is available in both Mild Steel and Stainless-Steel variants.

Finally, MFB also distributes the Solitherm Peltier range which can be used for both indoor and outdoor applications with an ingress protection rating of IP66, cooling capacities range from 30 W up to 800 W with both AC and DC models available.  The enclosures below had two unique sections which called for dedicated cooling in each.

MFB looks to side mount the Seifert range, but we can work with customers for the best distribution of cooling based on the amount and location of their equipment within the enclosures. Contact MFB to discuss our enclosures and see if our Seifert range can add some cooling to your application.