MFB Products collaborating with Renewable Energy company PowerPlus

MFB’s S280 Industrial Outdoor Enclosures stand out for their adaptability, offering easy modification to cater for diverse custom applications. A recent collaboration with pioneering energy storage company PowerPlus serves as a prime example of MFB’s ability to tailor solutions to meet specific Industry needs.

At the core of MFB’s manufacturing capabilities is a dedicated design center, utilizing Autodesk Inventor software, a powerful CAD tool suited for sheet metal fabrication and enclosure development. This technology enables precise and efficient and importantly accurate design processes, ensuring that resulting modifications and changes to enclosures meet the highest standards of functionality, durability and compliance with Industry standards.

In the context of this ongoing energy storage project, MFB demonstrated their commitment to innovation. In collaboration with PowerPlus the enclosures design incorporated separate compartments to isolate batteries from electronic components and inverters, a crucial consideration in ensuring the safety and optimal performance of critical elements. The enclosures maintain Industry standard in relation to ingress protection, in this case IP56. Where dust and water particles have reduced or limited access. A further attribute is technicians can work comfortably with the equipment installed, knowing equipment is not compromised.

To further address environmental challenges, the enclosures are fitted with sun shields on doors and sides, to enhance protection against solar heat loads. A gap between the sun shields and the enclosure also encourages a natural air convection, which assists in keeping the enclosure cool. A weather hood on top supports in reducing solar load and re-directs rain away for the enclosure. With varying climates this approach is essential to ensuring longevity with the enclosure and the equipment within.

Recognizing the importance of temperature management in electronic systems, MFB took the additional step by incorporating thermal insulation material into the enclosure design. This feature provides additional support in maintaining internal temperatures and safeguarding sensitive electronics from potential overheating issues and ensuring long-term reliability.

MFB conveys pride in the successful deployment of these specialized enclosures for this energy storage project. With a remarkable track record spanning over 50 years, the company’s longevity speaks to its expertise and reliability in Industry.

MFB’s commitment to collaboration underscores its willingness to working closely with customers, offering tailored design solutions and delivering custom enclosures to meet the evolving demands of diverse Industries.

With thanks to PowerPlus for the opportunity to work with them.