Gaskets to Go, MFB’s Gasket/Glue is built to last

MFB understands that ensuring doors and sides are sealed is imperative to maintaining a high IP rating especially for outdoor enclosure applications. MFB utilizes the Sonderhoff Gasket and Glue machine for sealing enclosures to IP66. Our form in place (FIP) liquid gaskets and glue seals are extruded onto panels for a continuous seal which is watertight and dust proof. Our gasket systems are 3rd party accredited to IP66 – close to submersive.

MFB are also able to provide gaskets to your own panels and doors, or if you would prefer you can order your “Gaskets to Go” by providing MFB with the dimensions and profile required. The seals can then be packaged and sent to you for installation on site.

Our FIP gaskets and glue offer great adhesion on a range of different surfaces. Some surfaces may require pre-treatment priming, we will evaluate, test and assess. The Sonderhoff FIP Gasket and Glue machine provides CNC accuracy, fast drying time, a variety of profile designs and a professional finish to your products.

In the quick video attached you will see the Sonderhoff Gasket Machine in action. First up a dry run to confirm correct positioning. The process application that follows is gluing glass to a door. The glue deposit is uniform and fit for purpose. The final application follows a gasket deposit. Again, clean, simple accurate gaskets for professional installation and finish.

For more details contact your MFB Sales Representative.