MFB Collaborates with Leading Players in the Renewable Energy Space

MFB doesn’t want to just be followers of trends but instead lead the way, providing innovative new designs and working closely with a broad range of customers. Recently MFB has been working with key players in the renewable energy space, providing custom enclosure solutions showcasing the expanding range of renewable systems around Australia. Renewable battery systems are seeing an increase in consumption due to the varied amount of innovation from a technical standpoint and reducing costs to run. Most batteries are 19” rack mountable, which is where our team can create custom enclosures to suit varying environments and applications. Working Closely with our experienced design team and Autodesk Inventor, MFB can create 3D models to help your designs come to life.

One company at the forefront of long-lasting energy storage solutions is ‘PowerPlus Energy’ an Australian company who provide a long list of solutions to meet renewable energy project needs. MFB have worked with PowerPlus in providing housing solutions for their custom batteries Systems.

Our openness to collaborating and building new designs is what we believe helps us stand out within our industry. As demands for custom/bespoke solutions continue to trend upwards, so do MFB’s capabilities and experience to match.