S210 Acoustic Cabinets

Complementing the original Australian Made S210 Desktop Cabinet, MFB offers an acoustic noise suppressed version. Utilizing the existing S210 build concept, this cabinet features adhesive-backed convoluted foam fitted to all inside walls of the cabinet. Noise attenuation levels before utilizing this foam are approximately 94db. When utilizing the foam, noise attenuation levels can drop to 82db or in percentage terms a drop of 12.7%. These cabinets have been tested and conducted in house, using 3M db Sound Detector at close range. All the same great options with the S210 series including adjustable RU mounting frames

Cable Entry Ports at the rear. Cabinets are designed to floor stand sitting on castors, alternatively, they can be wall-mounted. For wall-mounted applications, a rear swing tray can be fitted for greater flexibility in accessing equipment and cabling. The convoluted foam is fitted top, bottom, sides, rear and doors. If you have equipment running fans that is emitting an unbearable droning sound then this might be a good option for suppressing the noise problem A separate air plenum can be fitted. With additional MFB Fan Trays, this allows airflow and importantly the opportunity to extract heat.

The MFB S210 Desktop Cabinet is manufactured from 1.0mm Galvaneal steel and powder coat finished. We offer a standard colour selection or we can provide custom colours on request. Front doors and swing trays are key lockable. These units are supplied assembled.

Suitable for Soho and commercial applications. Conforms to IEC60297   – 19” Racking. Compatible with MFB accessory range including fixed and telescopic shelves, horizontal power, and roof-mounted fan trays. A range of heights and depths available as standard. If you have a specific custom application please contact us. We operate Autodesk Inventor full modelling system. So we can design, develop a prototype and see it thru to production.